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We provide the best, scalable and afforable Salesforce solutions to small, medium and large scale businesses along with high quality growth services which are presented below


Force.com Development

Being a Salesforce partner, Neilon Technologies understands how to truly architect cloud solutions building scalable, secured, intelligent and user friendly applications.

We are extremely committed to our customer’s success and strive to develop each solution to the highest possible standards. We achieve this with our extensive in house expertise and resources, including certified Force.com Developers, Administrators and Consultants.

  • Salesforce Configuration services : Page Layout and Record Types, Profile and Role Hierarchy, Setting up Security Model (OWD, Sharing Rules), Workflows, Business process, Approvals, Reporting Analytics among others.
  • Salesforce Application Development and Platform services : Development of Visualforce Web pages, Creation of triggers, Modification of existing Apex/Visual Code, Configuration of custom buttons and button overrides, Site.com, Database.com among others.

Salesforce Consulting

A perfect combination of strategic business value and end-to-end Salesforce solutioning.

Based on an in-depth analysis of your business goals and requirements, Neilon Technologies can help you develop and execute strategic, holistic and end-to-end Salesforce enabled applications and products tailored to your needs—migrating your existing systems and applications or deploying entirely new ones.

  • Performing detailed requirements analysis, gap analysis and feasibility studies
  • Prototyping for early user feedback on functionality, usability and to validate application design approach
  • Leveraging best practices from our existing implementation experience
  • Extensive experience on the Force.com platform
  • Data migration services to streamline Salesforce migration projects

Our Products

We provide cloud solutions for Salesforce platform. Below solutions have been already published on Salesforce AppExchange. We also have few other solutions which is right now in development phase and will be available soon.

S3-Link (Amazon S3 Connector)

  • S3-Link helps customers by providing unlimited and secure file storage and distribution. It is an application to integrate Amazon S3 file storage with Salesforce.
  • S3-Link file management solution combines the managerial applications of Salesforce.com with Amazon's secure file storage services. It is an easy, secure and simple file management and distribution platform for Salesforce.
  • Users can seamlessly upload files and attachments of any size to Amazon S3 from their Salesforce accounts.
  • Because all content becomes available globally on cloud storage, users can share files with customers and contacts without file size limitations and excessive storage costs.
  • All storage is completely handled by Amazon S3 cloud storage system, which includes enterprise file storage, secure transmission and accessibility.
Neilon Project Management

  • Neilon Project Management helps businesses onboard customers faster & more efficiently. It simplifies project management by quickly creating projects for customers.
  • Users can efficiently define project services, project roles and assign services to project team members.
  • Users can seamlessly send invoices to customers for their completed services and track the payment status.
  • If you want to try this tool in your Salesforce org, please contact our support team. They will provide you installation link for our 30 days trial along with setup and user guides.

Client Reviews


First, this app is very easy to use. These guys have done a great job creating documentation on how to set it up and use it. If you are looking to send things to AWS S3 from salesforce this is the one and I tested all of them on the appexchange.

Jeremy Farber - CEO


We love this App for two reasons: First, it is very easy to install, configure, and maintain. Second: It is extremely easy to use (for the end user)! Also, their customer service is amazing - very short response time and extremely helpful; they really know their code!

Matthias Knoche - Head of Operations


I have built some custom SW download solutions in Salesforce in the past, now being a S3-Link customer for almost a year, instead of building something custom, I would have gone with S3-Link if it was an option back then. AWS S3 meets our requirements for File, and Salesforce is our choice for Users, S3-Link plays very nicely between these two. No coding, just configuration, plus great support from Neilon team. I highly recommend S3-Link to anyone who needs a SW download solution.

Paul Liu - Discovery Consultant


This app has been a great tool for us storing documents. We work with many clients that send us dozens of documents by email. S3-link has allowed us to seamlessly link lightning for gmail with so that email attachments appear in Salesforce but are stored in Amazon servers.

Pierre Boivin - CRM Manager


We decided to use this tool and are totally happy with it. It is easy to set up and use. Furthermore, the support was outstanding in helping us to achieve our desired and not so common workflow.

Jona Neumeier - Software Engineer


Great solution for file storage in Salesforce. Easy to Install. Simple and easy to use. The interface between SF and S3 is completely seamless Product Downloads via Community: this required some customization and custom objects. The provided APIs gave us a lot of control over permissions, functionality, and design, which are important for our customer community. Support is fantastic, very responsive, answered my question right away and took care of the issue I was having. 5 Stars all around.

Raman Handoo - Salesforce Consultant


S3-Link (with some customization done by Neilon team) provides exactly what I want. We use this tool to share collateral in our Partner Community and it's incredibly useful. I would highly recommend S3-Link and the team behind it to anyone needing such a solution.

Andrea Morton - Digital Marketing Manager


This tool is simple to deploy, configure and implement. Support was great too. When we requested for Gov Cloud support, turn around time was very quick. I am surprised that this tool is free.

Mangala Gopalakrishna


Neilon went out of it's way to develop the features we needed on the fly and we can now export Reports in CSV from Salesforce to Amazon S3. The tool has worked reliably since inception and we're very happy with it.

Quentin Notte - VP Operations


We needed a lightning ready app that has permission management, easy to implement, and can handle conversion events and Neilon was able to help me meet my requirements. Very friendly and helpful support is as important as a great app, in my opinion.

Marcus Joo - Entrepreneur

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Our team combines years of experience in software industry in areas of document management, information security, compliance and risk management, cloud computing, enterprise software, SaaS services, and large-scale software infrastructure.


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