We have Basic, Pro & Unlimited plans. Here is our feature comparison chart of Basic v/s Pro v/s Unlimited plans. If you need any help in the enablement of any of these features, please contact our support team.

Features Basic Pro Unlimited
Allow customers to create and manage job requests in job request dashboard for coordination team and customer
Email acknowledgement to coordination team and customer on job request creation
Send quotations to customers for job requests via email
Auto reminders to customers to approve/reject quotation
Create jobs/audits for approved requests
Email alerts on job request status change
Define a set of services for jobs/audits
Create price plans for different customers depending on job/audit service and audit location
Create and manage jobs/audits for customers
Assign and manage prepaid, EOM, chargeable, free, on-site and off-site services for projects
Manage hotel fees, air tickets, transportation fees, and other travel costs for on-site job/audit services
Assign and manage staff to perform services of jobs/audits
Send job/audit notifications to factory/customer
View invoiced and uninvoiced services of jobs/audits
Add job/audit notes
Manage workers demographics and job/audit client categories
Allow document collection for jobs/audits
View job notification histories
Allow auditors to check their calendar
Allow coordinators to check their auditors’ calendar
Add calendar notes for users or user groups
Staff unavailability management
Show outstanding invoices of customers
Create and manage invoices for completed or prepaid services
View and download invoices as PDF
Send/email invoice PDF
Send automatic invoice reminders to the payee
Record payments against invoices
Multiple currencies support for services and invoices of jobs/audits
Partial payments for prepaid services
Set default invoice recipients for customers
Allow customers to submit feedback for invoices
Review and manage invoice feedbacks from customers
Manage invoice email templates
Auto populate service fees for jobs using customer price plans
Project automation using FLOWs
Create issues for jobs/audits
Create corrective action plan for jobs/audits
Write report feedbacks for jobs/audits
View access logs of jobs, invoices, and companies
Create and manage customer price plans and job client categories


Below are some of the documents and guides for various settings and features of Neilon Project Management. Contact our support team to get more documents and guides. Our support team is always ready to help you.

Pricing Plans

We've prepared pricing plans for all budgets so you can get started right away. They're great for small companies and large organizations. We have Per User and Per Company plans. If you want to more about our pricing, please contact our support team. Below install links are only for Sandbox environments. If you want to install it in your Developer / Production enviroments, contact our support team.

Appropriate for small companies with less than 10 users

per company per month

  • 30 days trial
  • Product support*
  • Unlimited Internal Users**
  • Unlimited Community Users

Best Value

Appropriate for companies with more then 10 users

per company per month

  • 30 days trial
  • Product support*
  • Unlimited Internal Users
  • Unlimited Community Users***
Appropriate for companies with partner or customer community

per company per month

  • 30 days trial
  • Product support*
  • Unlimited Internal Users
  • Unlimited Community Users

* $5 per company per month for Product support is not included in above price.

** 10 Internal Users.

*** 200 Community Users.

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